Friday, November 07, 2008

Princesses Katie and Li Li

Dodger and His 2nd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Gatlin

Doesn't she look like a GREAT teacher???

No One Will Read This

But I just have to post. I spent $$ to have my jaw numbed today. It was the quickest two hundred $ I have ever spent, but I just had to try it. I'm posting, mainly to remind myself my trial of going to a liquid diet. I have a juicer and a blender so there isn't anything I can't have. And as long as I mash beans, I can even pretend to have Mexican food. The beans are the best part of the meal anyway. It is just something that I've had to look in the mirror about and realize that my jaw isn't getting any better and I need all the help I can get. As much discipline as this will require, it is a pretty simple solution. I wonder what juiced broccoli tastes like? And I wonder if that word is really a two c word or if it has two l's. I will probably get more nutrition and off my sugar addiction unless I don't boot the coke. I've been having one a day every afternoon, justifying the energy boost that it gives me for 1/2 an hour.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Our Girl

Li Li is ONE!

This is why I don't blog...

Hey there howdy. This is Lemon. She is much larger now than in this photo, but she loves Li Li and her toys so I thought you should see this pic. And...Li Li has grown too, so I'll post a picture of her next. I can't leave Dodger out either, since he's now the big "7". He had a park party yesterday - almost a month after his big day but Spring Break was no picnic with all of us sick and Troy in Thailand so we've barely recovered. Good timing - a well family and 73 degree weather. I still don't want to take lots of time writing, even though I do want to, I really need to get some laundry done. There's no way to keep up with it all, but I'm gonna try to atleast make progress. I'll post the newer photos - don't know if anyone checks this site anymore, but maybe I'll be surprised. I'm tempted to send out an e-mail so all this typing isn't in vain. J/K. Someday Dodger and Li Li might want to read it.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Doesn't she look like mama? What is up with the light colored hair? She has very little, so if I get any bows for her they will have to be glued on. Sweet Hayley asked for more pictures. I know, I know.... I need to spend more time on this! Happy first Friday of 2008!
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

The days have blurred themselves together. On Saturday, we took Jubilee to the walk-in clinic. No, I took her. We had to tag team now that we're home and I didn't have a posse. I was a little offended, but it made sense that Dodger was spared from the waiting room during sickness season. Li Li has ear infections, and is on her first antibiotic (that I know of). Today, she was FINALLY (what we know to be atleast) herself. Funny, laughing, ga ga-ing. So, the meds are working. Troy's been a little under the weather but went back to work today. Since my sister took D and Troy went to work, Li Li and I had a whole day to ourselves! I was not wanting to be alone, but had some wonderful visitors - Masako, Liho and Deanna. I tried to make it over to the Contich residence, but thought we were having poo poo problems again. She has now gone twice since then. :) I would have to say we have the best, most blessed baby! Every minute is pure joy. If I had more energy, I'd blog about the tale end of the trip, but I really need to get the pics off the laptop first. I am really not that tired. Just lazy. And we're working on our first photo book of Beijing and the Great Wall to be printed asap. I will have to say, the close of 2007 will be etched in my memory - especially now here in print. It was cold - windy - and Dodger wanted me to play football with him outside. He was so wonderful. Troy held Li Li inside at the window while Dodger and I threw his new Nurf football. He kept showing me the sidelines and the point where we were "out of balance" instead of bounds. Then, very often, we would take 5 minute breaks per his request (usually when I scored a touchdown) and he would say "just tell me when it's five minutes". I could have said it in 1 or in 100 minutes, he played with his slingshot until I said it was time. We have loved our PJ days, yummy meals brought by friends, and hanging out just a bit more before the activities begin. No need to go out tomorrow, it will be a whopping 13 degrees if we are lucky! Li Li fits right in. THIS SHOULD BE THE HEADER: LI LI LOVES AVOCADO AND TRIANGLE PASTA. SHE IS A VEST AFTER ALL!!!! xoxxoamy