Friday, January 04, 2008

Doesn't she look like mama? What is up with the light colored hair? She has very little, so if I get any bows for her they will have to be glued on. Sweet Hayley asked for more pictures. I know, I know.... I need to spend more time on this! Happy first Friday of 2008!
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S Mosley said...

Hey Amy! Katie Jo shared your blog with me! (I'm her friend who hosted the While Mama Waits Sale....probably don't remember me...but I was anxious to "follow" your adoption journey after the referral)
Li Li is beautiful!!! So excited for your family!!! :) congratulations!!! hope to see you again! :)

Suzanne Mosley

sweet-P's Mum said...

what a cutie! So glad to hear your news on the Yifeng group about how well the babies were cared for. Our first daughter was from a small SWI in Gunagdong, and the Nannies and Directors were wonderful.

So it seems we are blessed again! and quite clearly so are you!


Martha said...

Cute, cute!

I have some hair wraps that Zoe has outgrown ... I'll have to pass them on to you.

Ready to go back to school?

Will be looking for you in car pool,

Tony said...

Hello to all! Welcome home. She is so adorable and truly a joy to see. Can't wait for more:)

Boy do I know that jet-lag feel. I call coming home from a mission trip, especially a long one, "My reetry back into life." Always ask God for for a gentle landing, and know that there is usually some down time to absorbe the whole experience. You are all in our prayers here in NM, you are loved prayed for and thought of often. Linda

CresceNet said...

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