Saturday, December 29, 2007

Promised Pictures

I planned on getting a bunch more online, but with the sun down and need for sleep, I want to keep to my promise to post pics. Details coming. Promise. We're a little distracted with ear infections right now. At first I was beginning to think she was allergic to airplanes b/c the first flight to Guangzhou was the time we discovered little LuZi had a fever. And I stayed home from a festival that Troy told me he knew was too loud for me. :) I'm going to bed, but posting a few before midnight to keep my much more to tell. so much more. i feel like eating lunch. better go to sleep instead. xoxoamy

Friday, December 28, 2007

In the dark, anyone?

Okay... I fear no one will read this, now that we're home. We arrived tonight at 6:15. It was a hellacious trip. I'm not even kidding. The first two weeks were easy peasy and this past 28 hr travel from Guangzhou to Tokyo to Minneapolis to Nashville really put my humanity to the test. Actually, probably more accurately - my spirituality. :) This is a quick note to say that I was doing too much shopping and eating to blog, and if anyone wants to follow this at all, I promise to post pictures soon! Like, tomorrow! AND.... If you have happened upon this blog, you've wondered where I went. I was in the dark, too b/c I couldn't see any of our comments....Baby girl has a fever and is hot and sweaty. Pictures tomorrow. xoxoamy

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Gift

Ha. Gotcha this year. Every year my family wakes up early, calls one another and says"Christmas Eve gift" which means you owe me one early. I never win. It's past noon here in China, so I've made the rounds and am one up on the fam. They insist that it's not Christmas Eve yet, but it is legit. Sooo....I haven't typed in a few days. We are here now at the White Swan, located on a beautiful river. I feel like we're at Opryland Hotel in China with the windows, waterfalls, shops, etc. We have our beds turned down each night and we're no longer sleeping family style. I may have mentioned that. The craziest thing is that there is a concierge on each floor, so you can't roam different levels. And before you need an elevator, she has it waiting for you. We got the infamous world-renown limited Barbie. She's blonde (go figure) holding a Chinese baby. I wish I looked like her. But instead, my lack of Pilates+rice-routine=Buddha belly. For dinner the first night Troy ate escargot and caviar while I fed the baby and shared a burger with Dodger - I already mentioned that it was $18. We went to a whole sale mall yesterday and Troy gifted me with a strand of pearls. Now I'm aching to go back for other things. They have 2 towers of shops with jewelry and clothing and pretty much anything you can imagine. We had a little bit of an incident last night, though. After our cab ride back and laundry pick-up, Li Li started tooting and making a red face. Then she cried like I have never heard before and stuck out her bottom lip. It was so sad. Come to find out (very quickly by the smell) that she needed to "make a poo poo" and was constipated. I'm glad we have been around this block before and I didn't wait to get help. We tried to put her on the potty the Chinese way by holding up her legs and grunting but it just didn't work. So we went to the clinic (is this too much info?) and the doctor (an older Chinese man with a big smile and white lab coat) and younger nurse gave her an enema and quickly fixed the problem.. We were so anxious to get her back in a diaper after the emptying process that the doctor stepped in the bed pan of poo while on his way back over to the bed. The one thing that really amazed me in the process was that our guide, Dennis is a single guy of 30 and he was more involved in the process than I was. What single guy do we know that would do this? We love him and are trying to tempt him into coming to the US and visiting...or settling down. Today we had to go to the WHO clinic for Li Li's medical evaluation. Seems like they would have done this BEFORE we adopted her? Like what are we going to do if she doesn't pass... stay here with her? It was a packed room and the last place I wanted to be on Christmas Eve but we now know she is 16.6 lbs and 72. 5 something long. Don't know what that means in inches, but I have a converter on the laptop. In about 30 minutes we are going to the zoo but I'm wanting to shop. The thing is, it's a sunny day and it rained yesterday, so the group doesn't want to take their chances on tomorrow. I just want to shop til I drop. Did I say that? The plan for Christmas is to eat Thai and ride on a river boat. Not sure if they are simultaneous events or separate. And I need to figure out how to get some Santa gifts and stash them before tomorrow morning. Dodger is with me every time we go out, so it's hard to be secretive. I'm about the blow my cover but he's only six. Have any advice? Gotta run. Li Li needs me. xoxoamy

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Guangzhou aka Canton

We made it to our semi-final destination.  We're here in Guangzhou to get baby girl's visa and celebrate Christmas, then it's back to the states for we four!  The children are a bed, so I can have some uninterrupted thoughts.  Wait. Troy can't find the meds.  Okay. We're good.  We had a trial run flight today only of about an hour.  During that time I sat in apple juice, threatened my eldest to eat a sesame "digestive" cookie, then he sat in throw up.  The really bad part is it is all over my new friend's sweater, so if she reads this I have to confess.  I'm hoping to wash it myself and then have it laundered.  For a short flight, it was one of the hardest 1/2 days we've had.  At least the baby was happy.  No issues with her, except the formula was packed in the luggage and I think the bellboy got lost on the way to our room.  But we're settled and ready to take on the next six days.  Unfortunately we'll only be able to post words and pics because the video won't upload to blogger here.  We'll keep working on it.  We had a cute patty cake diddy to show, but oh well.  Another time.  Dodger and I split the best $18 hamburger and fries today - US dollars.  This hotel, the White Swan, is not cheap.  Apparently the shopping around us is, but you can't browse w/o being attacked by the merchants, and it's exhausting to watch a child, keep the other in a pouch and stay on guard.  We were so close to finding the Starbucks today for an afternoon treat, but went the wrong direction.  We did see photo shoots galore of not so glam models, so we are wondering if there is a modeling school or photography school nearby?  We sat and watched them pose for awhile.  Dodger thought one of them wasn't alive because she didn't move for 2 or 3 minutes.  Great news: We each have our own bed in this hotel, so there's no family bed sharing and hopefully all of us will get better sleep.  Since Li Li is now rolling in each direction it's just not safe to put her on a twin bed with me.  I gave her a bottle, rocked her and put her in the crib for the 2nd time.  Troy placed her in it for naptime today while Dodger and I had a moneyless date out on the town.  That's where we discovered the park with slides and semi-exercise equipment...the river walk, people - ones and twos doing tai chi, and all the merchants who wanted our business.  I was being super nice and talking to store owners a long time b/c I knew I didn't have a penny, but I may have done myself in for tomorrow...I just can't be rude.  But I also haven't been able to walk into a store yet because their persistence is pushing me away.  Jiangxi is the province where Li Li is from.   Her orphanage - no, it's not hers! What am I saying!  The town she came to us from is 3 1/2 hours from the capitol Nanchang (where we were) and...what is my point?  OH - they are known for their spicy food and their porcelain in that province so I bought her a present yesterday.  If it remains intact, it will be a gift for her when she is much much older and out of the careless, breakable age - like 20.  I also, surprisingly shed my first tears here in China.  We were boarding the bus for the airport which would take our girl further away from everything she has ever known, and it was very somber.  I want her to know that I care that we've turned her world upside down.  It was a bitter sweet step toward our future and her first plane ride.  I'll always remember the different colored flags that I saw when we stepped outside the airport in anticipation to be one step closer to her, and the same flags as I walked away from Nanchang, toward Guangzhou.  She didn't seem to mind.  Then all the stuff went spilling and spewing and somehow the moment left.  But it has been a day.  the plan is to go to bed, get up and take Li Li for a Visa photo then go to church in CHINA!!!! It is not illegal!  Is this news to anyone else but me?  OOOOHHHHHHH and why didn't I say this first?!?!?!? This is so serious...another news flash:  We stumbled into our hotel room, ravenous... I turned on the TV as we were settling in, and there was NEWS THAT ERIC VOLZ HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM PRISON IN NICARAGUA!!! THIS IS A MIRACLE, FOLKS!  If you are in the dark about him, HE'S ON THE COVER OF FOX NEWS and his mother is dear. Very dear.  Please continue to keep Maggie and her son, Eric in your prayers.  I was literally jumping up and down thanking Jesus.  I hope you will do the same! :)  OK. I'm going to bed.  Either that, or eating some more.  I guess I'll go to bed.  Please e-mail us.  We are missing friends and family!!!!! xooamy

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fishing in China

Yesterday our small group of 5 families went to the "countryside" to see and walk around a small Chinese village. The people were absolutely amazing. The village was about 20 buildings in a semi-circle around a 5-6 acre lake/pond. We got there just in time to see the men of the village harvesting the fish out of the pond with a net. They called it white fish (a delicacy) and the were all ~18 inches long. There were 8-10 men holding up a net walking it slowly into shore while 10-15 people at each end were helping them pull the net in. Dodger, Blaise (Dodger's little friend), and myself walked down to the shore and the villagers immediately started yelling (in chinese) for me to come help them so I jumped in and help pull the net in for a while. They thought that was the funniest thing ever! I gave the camera to Dodger to get some pictures but he only got my arm... :).

The biggest point of conversation in the village was my lack of "layers" and the fact that Li Li only had two sweaters on over her T-shirt. In the winter the Chinese put layer upon layer on themselves and their children. Our guide explained to them them I could wear short sleeves because my arms are so hairy. That got a huge cackle out of the entire group. One older lady (probably 70 years old) went as far as to walk up to Amy and start counting the layers that Li Li had on then stuck her tongue out at her. It was pretty funny....

The Village also grows mushrooms to sell in the local market. One picture below is of a mushroom house. - Troy

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dang, Where's the Tang?

Sorry, folks. That sounds crude. But all I want is a sweet orange drink and I can't find our Tang powder. I woke up sweaty just now from an hour and a half long nap. Baby girl is still asleep. :) I was dreaming that I was in the middle of a movie - not watching it, part of the cast. It was a combo of Pirates of the Caribbean and Beauty and the Beast part 3. Hopefully there's not a part 3, because this was my own rendition. Glad to be awake. Still can't find the Tang. On another note, Dodger and Troy are on an outing with the group. Li Li and I stayed at the hotel for several reasons, not sure which one ranks the highest, but it was naptime, she has a mild fever and is teething, a little cough and the Chinese are so over the top (in my opinion) about all the layers babies need to wear to be protected from the elements. Yes, it is cold outside. But it makes me even more concerned to take a sweaty baby out in the frigid air than just a regularly clothed baby. We went to a Wal Mart yesterday, yes Angie a Wal Mart and all the baby clothes are stay puff outfits. Baby girl is waking up....or not. I'll go til I can't go anymore... Here's some things I'd like to compare about China and American ways - especially for future travelers. Leave the Yoplait at home - even the wonderful Stonyfield Farms yogurt is no match for Chinese Dannon. I keep stashing them in my pockets at breakfast to bring up to the room. Yes, you can bring Carnation Instant Breakfast powder over, b/c the milk is drinkable. But I left mine at home. Only once have we eaten Tuna that we brought and that was yesterday, so I don't really think it is necessary to bring food over here - except for the plane ride. We had to PURCHASE snacks on the first leg of our 8 hour flight. That was a bummer. The beds and pillows in the hotels are much better here than over there. But I can't imagine what a non-smoking hotel room is like b/c I smell like second-hand smoke just from being in our room. No wonder Li Li is coughing. If you are a smoker, no offense. I'm not making a judgment statement, I'm just not one and wish I didn't smell like one. OK. I'm sorry, but the Chinese food is way better over here. Are you surprised? And the memory of the shower pressure at our Raddison in Beijing is torturing me right now. It was unbelievable. I hope to find more Beijing Olympics trinkets in Guangzhou - our next destination, or we won't hear the end of it from Dodger. It was not smart of us to leave the big city w.o the Olympic mascot babies. He keeps saying he wants the green baby. I hope we see a green baby next week or could someone google it for me and order one on Ebay? I think the internet here is in Chinese. Blogger is - and it is BLOCKED so I can't read what I am typing. Am I really this illiterate? Yes. No proofreading folks. Oh well. OH MY GOODNESS. KFC is actually barfable here. No one has lost their lunch yet, but if I had to try to eat that stuff again, I would. Last night we went to a walking only district and I highly recommend it for future Nanchang families. We didn't buy anything, but I felt like I was in Europe. Julie is saying "That's because you've never been to Europe". Ok. I felt like I was in Japan then. Lots of cool fashion and stores. I want to go back but I don't think the prices are affordable. If I could, I'd throw out all the clothes i brought just to bring back some of those. THEY ARE THAT COOL and I am looking that much like I'm camping every day. At least I am glad I haven't cut my hair. Troy says "When are you going to cut your hair?" He likes it short. But Li Li likes to grab it and play with it and pull it out. So maybe she'll actually make my hair short. We saw some salons, and I wanted to go in, but how would I tell them that I want my hair just like my sister's? She has the best cut right now. I wish I had a photo of it! PAGE! E-MAIL A PHOTO OF YOUR HAIR TO ME AND I'LL TAKE IT TO THE SALON HERE!!!!! Li Li is still asleep! And here's somthing new...She kept trying to throw herself out of my arms so when I laid her down she rolled back and forth moaning until she fell asleep. It was much more like I imagined her doing if she slept in a crib. She is slowly getting more secure I guess. Two days ago she was on me, yesterday she had to touch me, now I'm at the computer and she's in the middle of the king sized bed. There is a lady cleaning our room and I know she feels strange that I am here. She came earlier and I told her to stay, but she came back with a note that said "May I clean your room now?" She almost left again, but i pointed her in...she is in the bathroom. I wonder if she has found the Tang? :)

Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm supposed to be sleeping, but how can I when there's an angel next to me? I keep staring at her. She has such distinct Chinese features. What do I know though, about Chinese beauty. I did find out from the Dr. that she saw yesterday for her diaper rash (that she doesn't have) that she is beautiful. That's what he said. I don't think he just throws comments out like that. The back of her head is flat (like mama's) and this morning our guide Cindy said that it is a sign of beauty - that there are certain pillows they lay babies on to flatten the backs of their heads. I feel proud. I wonder what the marks of beauty are here? Fair skin? Lots of hair? Her eyes are delicately shut. Her lips are pursed together, but not angrily. She has the most beautiful smile. I keep wondering...what pushes a mother to give up her child? Was it the worst day of her life? Or was she numb? Was she poor or overpowered by her family? In-laws? Parents? Husband? How did she carry this little one so far to then be able to leave her to chance? Does she believe there is a God? What caused her mother to keep her and not abort - to set her in a place of finding? Was she forced into the decision or chained to generations of rules and expectations? Was she in love? The worst day in one woman's life brought about the best in mine. And don't feel sad for Li Li. Pray for her mother. Pray that her mother one day loves the Father and sees her baby girl in heaven. Because this I know, this child is royalty. And I also know the mercy of the Divine One. A bruised reed He will not break - a smoldering wick He will not quench. Li Li was crafted by the Master craftsman and she is the apple of His eye. One look at her and you know who made her. Not my flesh, not my traits, but she was sent from heaven. She was kept for us in the palm of His hand until the day we came to get her and bring her home. I asked Li Li (because she loves to be held) "Did you cry for me like this for 9 months?" Because she can't bear to be away from me for a minute. What did she do those 9 months???? We are making up for lost time. I don't care where I am. There's no anticipation for the United States. I no longer care what day of the month it is. December 16 came and went. I think Christmas is next week. Now that I have her, she is no longer an orphan and we are at home. xoxoamy

I want to tell you about her...

It's 5:30 AM in China, and this is my first chance to document my heart and tell you about our new love. Li Li is so... amazing. There's not one word to describe her - but I can tell you a little bit about her. She sucks her tongue. Especially when she is tired. She is very curious about the things around her and she LOVES pulling Dodger's hair. Her cries are very lonely at bedtime - kind of a distant and unconsolable whine. But the best part of all for me is that I have gained her trust. My heart floods with butterflies when I think about the way she wants me to hold her - no, not even the way, but the amount of time that she wants with me. The moment I put her down she wants me...she looks for me....she wants my touch. So, really, I can't set her down. And I don't want to. And although my arms are so very sore, this is one of my first prayers answered. She loves to cuddle and she loves to sleep on me . So I would have to say, the hardest part on my bod is that I haven't had much of a break in the past 24 or so hours because even when she sleeps she wants to be on me. We have very quickly become a co-sleeping family. But what do you call it when the children hop in the bed, and kick out the daddy? :) I had one arm under Li Li last night with her head on my chest (she was snoring). Then Dodger was having bad dreams and said "mom, I want you. someone just shot me" (too many violent Chinese movies). So now they are all asleep and this really is my only thinking time. But I don't even care. How does God know how to give you MORE than you could ever ask for? The crazy thing is, every parent here (and there are 10 of us) feels the same way. I can't believe it has only been hours. It feels like a lifetime already, but maybe because we're back into the days of interrupted sleep. What else can I tell you about our girl? Oh - that wah wah means baby doll...bao bao is baby and to console her i say bocu bocu (like french, beaucoup) which means don't cry - or howla howla when she is getting a diaper change and you want to tell her "almost done". We are quickly learning Chinese. The pronunciation of her name sounds like "Lootsuh". And although I thought she would be chubby tubby baby doll, she is thin and LONG. She does have the most kissable cheeks ever and 4 teeth. THANK GOD I'm not breastfeeding. Her bite is solid. She loves to eat congee which is soggy rice and the bottle thing was a little stressful because she didn't like our western ways. Only when Troy made it scalding and thick would she attempt it. I ONLY THOUGHT BOYS PEED WITH THEIR DIAPER OFF. Enough about that, but we are definitely first time parents all over again. I am back tracking, but as of yesterday morning and all the signatures and photos, she is officially OURS. We met the Orphanage Director and thanked him for taking care of our daughter. He said that all of the nannies cried when they said goodbye, and that's why we do not get to see them...other women brought the babies to us from Yifeng, 3 1/2 hours away. I started to blog last night, but Dodger left with our guide to the grocery store and Pizza Hut. After an hour or so I started to get the mommy jitters as I thought about my precious first born outside with millions of Chinese and no one else to help if he got lost...but they came back - after a TAXI RIDE which I had no idea they would take. I don't even want to tell you what traffic is like here- or maybe I should so that you will be on your knees interceding on our behalf. NYC is like . . .I don't know... Driving in slow motion compared to here. You just have to smile at the car that is inches from you, and thank Jesus. A lot. Lots of honking and near misses. Selah. So...I can't believe I haven't talked to anyone yet! But my one goal has been to establish my mommyhood with Li Li and it's been successful thus far. There's a stirring in the covers. I better go see what's up. xoxoamy

Dodger took the below pics....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Li Li (Yes, you read that right) GOTCHA

So we've decided that we were right the first time. We ARE going to call her Li Li. LuZi Jubilee Vest is in the building....she arrives about a minute thirty into the video below...

We left Beijing this morning and flew to Nanchang. Got to our hotel room around 3PM then went straight to the Adoption Center.... We are tired just hanging out in the hotel room. Dodger is bouncing off the walls and Li Li is eating cheerios for the first after another.

BTW, blogs are blocked in China so we can't view our own postings but we have figured out how to post. Also, we can't read any comments that are being left so sorry if we don't reply.


MORE Li Li...


The Great Wall

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Today's Adventures

I don't know what post # this is, but I know tomorrow is GOTCHA DAY! We can't wait to meet our Jubilee! I am a zombie right now, so Troy's words would be more eloquent. But we promised Dodger some Chinese candy today, so they are out on a search.  My fingers are still frozen from the trek up the Great Wall (so is my brain) so if something is missspelled, forgive.  Dennis is our guide and Dodger calls him "Mr. Dentist".  It's actually quite funny and Dennis didn't skip a beat when Dodger wondered if Mr. Dentist would be climbing the GW with us and he said "Yes, but I won't want to check your teeth after that".  I personally had the best shower of my life today, the best buffet breakfast and the best Chinese food - ever.  It was a huge let down, however to get to the Great Wall and not want to climb it.  Dodger was skipping up ahead, Troy closely behind, and me...dizzy headed, short of breath and trying to rid myself of the many recommended layers for staying warm.  I checked my heart rate monitor watch and I think it lied.  I was sure to have a heart attack at any moment. first big expectation came and went.  I had dreams of climbing the wall, feeling exhilarated and refreshed by the exercise.  Instead, I stood by the hero sign (the spot that you actually become one by climbing that far) and I just laughed, while Troy and Dodger skipped up 100 more stairs...and back.  Everywhere we have gone today, people stare at Dodger and giggle or point.  One couple came over and asked for a picture WITH our celebrity son, and later at the Forbidden City, these sweet older women were taking turns getting his photo with them.  We loved our day and all we learned about Jubilee's homeland.  She's Li Li, by the way. Dodger always interjects that when people ask "So, what are you naming your baby?"  I learned something about dragons today and want to pass it along before I forget - I have a bad memory and can't tell a story to save my hear goes.  And you know me, the details could be slightly off. I liked what I received through my personal filter, so goes.  On our Forbidden City tour there was mention of the primitive Chinese - long before other civilizations.  Our guide was sure to tell us that of course they know dragons aren't real, while all the while it has been a part of their legacy that they are known for....He said that way back when different minorities and people groups fought against one another (he related it to the Native Americans) the stronger people group would conquer the other group's totem pole "mascot" - oh, did I mention the Chinese are EXTREMELY supersticious to put it mildly... so, my bad story telling side is was cool. I promise.  People groups had totem poles.  The more powerful group would overtake and steal the animal that represented the group they conquered, and they would build their own totem pole.  The stronger the group, the taller the pole.  It is believed that the dragon is the most powerful creature of all, because it is made up of each of the different animals (which represent the various regions/ethnic groups).  For instance, the nose is the snout of a pig, the skin is made of snake scales, there's the forehead of a bear, etc. including each of the regions and animals to be the most powerful being of all.  I thought it was cool. Is this even making sense?  I can tell I need to sign off.  We did get some great footage today and will post it soon.  Since I can't remember the Chinese word for goodbye right now, I'll just say adios. -Amy

Thursday, December 13, 2007

from Tokyo...

We've been on an airplane all day!!! 9 hours from Hawaii to Tokyo then a 4 hour layover before our next 4 hour flight to Beijing. Dodger has been the center of attention....the looks he gets from the folks over here are amazing...they stare at his amazing red hair... It's 1:38am nashville time and we are about toast. We are going to try to stay awake on this next flight so we can crash hard in the hotel room tonight. BTW, I'm reading The Shack by William P. Young. If you haven't already gotten it go get it now....half way through and I can't put it down.

Tomorrow is sight seeing in Beijing all day....Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc... and I'm sure they'll try to get us to buy some ridiculously expensive jade...

LuZi Jubilee in two more days.....

- Troy

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We spent our first morning trying to sleep in. Dodger woke up at 5am (HI time) but we were able to talk him into sleeping in until about 7. Dodger and I then walked Robin and Steve's youngest, Grace, to school while Amy started re-packing all of our luggage (for the 4th time). We then went to the beach to let Dodger get wet....Robin took us to the famous North Shore so that we could experience the sea turtles coming in to sun. We then stopped by Dole's tourist trap to eat some pineapple ice cream and apple bananas.

BTW, Hickam AFB is a really nice base and we can see Pearl Harbor from the home we are staying at. Last night we drove around the harbor and one of the big ships...and I mean BIG...was a Japanese destroyer. Facinating and surreal to see it in the Harbor...can you imagine what those sailors were thinking this first time they pulled in?

One more day until we leave for China to pick up our little one!!!


(name the artist for extra credit)

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Day One

300+ pounds of luggage, 5 carry-ons, a 6 year old and 10+ hours in a plane. Tough? Well, honestly it was a pretty easy day. Our good friend Derek picked us up at the house at 6am and it seemed like no time before our our friend Robin picked us up at the airport in Hawaii. For those of you who don't know we were able to stop in Hawaii for a couple of days to stay w/ our good friends that are stationed at Hickam Air Force Base....see you tomorrow...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Luggin' Luggage

Our friends in Hawaii love us no matter how many suitcases we carry, but let's just say I'll post a photo soon of the THREE of us carrying SEVEN suitcases. Three of which will go to a foster home for wonderful special needs children in Beijing. Dodger wrote a letter to his classmates and gave them each a picture of Zi Zi so they could collect preemie diapers, hand sanitizer and cough meds that aren't available in China. We have a class photo and cards that read "I'm sorry you don't have a mom or dad" or "What is China like?" We stuffed a few Santa candies and Praise Baby videos in the mix. Hopefully the Hope Foster Home will have a warm, cozy Christmas! OH- Go over to the sidebar on the left, there is a link to Hope Foster Home and pictures of the children we will be sending goodies to!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dodger's Thoughts on Zi Zi

This is the first of the video blogs that we'll be posting as you walk with us through our journey. God has been good and allowed Amy and I to experience an amazing 6 year old named Dodger Busby Vest. His energy is overwhelming and he can't wait for his little sister...