Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dodger is Thriving

Yes, I'm his mother. So if it bugs you that I brag, skip this post. I love that Dodger is a happy child. I remember my melancholy days too well, and he is just a gift. Yesterday he walked out of the school door grinning ear to ear and holding his chest. Then he pulled out his "take home" folder in which he wrote a note "mom i got a gold medal". He showed me the note, then the sticker on his chest. He told me that his teacher, Mrs. Litzner gave him this special award during writer's workshop because he has really come a long way from the beginning of school. He used to ask her during writing time "When can I be done? How many sentences?" But she told him yesterday that he really stretched it out. He wrote his first chapter book! Illustrated and all...It's about his favorite holiday: Halloween. Can't beat dress up and candy. :) He and I have been reading Magic Tree House books together and he loves chapter books now. He has recently "graduated" to chapter books in reading group and today was another fun after-school pick up experience. He was grinning and said: "Mom, I can't wait to do my homework today!" Then showed me the book. I was showing my excitement and he said "No, just kidding. I already did it today instead of having free time!" Will he always love school like this? No pressure, Mrs. Contich, but please keep giving him teachers that ROCK!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What's in a name?

I have one child that celebrates life by nature. My other one, I haven't met yet but we celebrate every time we think of her - and we're naming her JUBILEE! So...I was jazzed when tonight, waiting on my prescription for my infected scab/scar...yes, infection....I found nanny gifts for China - these are gifts of 8-10 small items that you bring when you meet your contacts and those who kept your baby, OUR baby! What am I saying?!?!? WHO KEPT OUR CHILD for so long!!! So, I'm at Target, accosting (is that spelled or used right?) a lady with a 3 year old Chinese daughter that is obviously adopted, and searched the $1.00 section for gifts. At first, I was thrilled with the boxed chocolates I found. Then I remembered they like chapstick and got Dodger some candy flavored to bribe him to keep his lips functional. I turned the corner and found a whole slew of JUBILEE POMAGRANITE (now I can't spell that either, and don't even care) lip gloss, etc. That's what the nannies are getting - plus some gloves because everyone needs gloves! And a fold-out JUBILEE brush and mirror. Woo Hoo!!!! I don't believe in coincidence right now... I had to share that with the pharmacist and the checker....Once you tell people what you're up to, they say "oh my brother did that" or "my neighbor's sister's nephew's mother just got back with a baby from China". It's cool.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

China Trip Needs

I'm not asking for handouts, and this is no shameless plea, I don't even know if my parents read our blog. :) But if you were thinking of buying us Christmas gifts (LOL) these are things you could send us instead!

Diapers (15-20 lb) baby weight, that is. :) It may be a size 3? That's what they're in the longest...month wise, not each. We don't let it fill up to 20 lbs before we change it in case you're reading this, dad.

Baby Wipes
Suction Bulb - for Troy :)
Baby Ambesol
Powdered Pedialyte from Walgreens.com
Bottles - the kind with the inserts so we can pre-pack formula and just add hot water.
Formula - any brand, since she eats Chinese formula. Good Start has a positive mental image.
Instant/one use hand warmers - we have heard there's only heat in the hotel! We're practicing now by keeping our house at a cozy 64.
Baby shampoo/soap/lotion
Warm Baby Blanket
(Don't need clothes - I covered that last week! ) ;)
Digital Camera - Just Kidding - I do need another card for our Nikon D70.
Money Belt
Ziplock bags - all sizes
Small Flashlight


I can't believe there's actually something called "POI" and it's a food! We were playing Zigity last night - now I'm not sure I even spelled that right, when Troy pulled a fast one on me and spelled the word that I disagreed existed: poi. Now I'm worried about my grammar. So, we're playing the Z game, Troy spells poi, and I throw a fit. Dodger goes "I know what it is!" and I was at him, "Yeah right, what is it?" He then unfolded the following definition: "It's food they eat in Hawaii made out of corn, and you can put hot sauce on it. Shaggy and Scooby really love it". I couldn't believe it. My whole (almost) family knows more words and ethnic foods than I do! I can't wait until there's another girl to back me. Then it will be 2 against two!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Beijing weather is not what I imagined. Unfortunately for me, I thought location-wise that Hong Kong and Beijing were reverse. No, I didn't actually. But I didn't know WHERE Beijing was on the map. It's NORTH and COLD. We'll need parkas for sure, then we get to go south. What kind of wall climbing will we want to do in such chilly climate? Anyone have advice? Atleast the bebe won't be going to Beijing.

December in Beijing ranges from 30ish F to 40ish F
Jianxi Province is 45-55ish
Guangzhou may be in the 60's!

Tell me I'm wrong...What is Christmas like in China? Does Santa come on the 24th or does he save himself a trip and leave presents at your casa? Who wants to be santa at my house this year???

This is not Zi Zi

No, we didn't just get back from China with a baby that looks Guatamalan. This is sweet Macy Bell! And I've decided not to put her down until I have another 15 pounder in my arms. Macy is the wonderful daughter of dear friends (who are also neighbors) Derek and Jennifer. Since she lives just down the road, I'm looking forward to many play dates. And Macy has a new brother, Parker, who is just over a week old, and came into the world at 9.4 (lbs, that is)! ! ! I just might get to hold Macy a bunch before our trip to the East.
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Friday, November 09, 2007

Zi Zi's room

This is the fabric I chose for Zi Zi's room. I don't sew much. I've attempted curtains with the help of friends, but my brain is not mathematical enough to enjoy this type of work. However, there is just nothing out there when you've painted your baby's room burnt orange. It thrilled me when Nancy Bailey gave me some fabric finding tips. What do you think? The brown fabric pattern actually has asian fans in it, so it was an easy choice. If I have left over material, I'll have to make a bag. Wanna come over and sew?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jesus and Dodger

How could this week get any better? Maybe just a tad more on the health meter, but as far as our family and our relationships - we are more than blessed. Dodger was in the bath last night - he's getting too old for a picture of that, but he called me in and said "Mom, I want to sing you a song I made up."..he continued... "If you make bad choices you will go to hell, but if you make good choices you will be good and go to heaven". I wanted to interject the part about us most of the time not making the right choice even when we try. Then the subject was changed to "Mom, I decided want to help people when I grow up." We talked about that awhile but I had to get us back to the topic at hand...salvation. He's prayed to God/Jesus and said a "sinner's prayer" but he's at an age where I think something clicked. When I explained about Jesus being in our lives "in our heart" and our Lord, that it means getting to know him, reading his word, obeying and talking to him, he was on board. He said, "What do I do?" and I said "You pray this prayer after me." I wish I could remember all that was said. But I know God recorded it in His book. He repeated me and we were thrilled. He finished the tender moment by saying "Let's start reading the Bible every night...after we finish the Magic Tree House series". There's like 34 and we're on #17.

Zhuang Lu Zi

The first name above is actually the last. The middle is the first and the last is the middle. Let's focus on Lu Zi for a minute. The translation of this name means PURPLE ROAD. So her name is PURPLE ROAD CELBRATION. Celebrating her path to the King? We like that.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Li Li's Development as of June 15, 2007

Here is a document we received today that was translated for us. It even included information about her day and place of discovery, but that is for her to share when she grows up (if she chooses to).

With the good care of ‘mother’ after she came to our Institute, Zi Zi has been growing healthily. Her crying sounds are loud; she has good sucking strength.
At one month old, she was strong in moving her hands and feet. When she heard the bell go off, she stopped her activity to listen to it. She was able to see the objects clearly, and able to trace a moving object with her eyes. She excitedly waved her arms when people amused her.
At two months old, she was able to keep her head steady. She was able to steadily lie on her stomach. She was able to raise her upper body with the support of her forearms.
At three months old, she was able to turn her head. If people showed her a picture or a toy, she stretched out her hand to feel it, giving out ‘Ao Ao’ sounds. She smiled a lot.
Zi Zi is lively and bright. She is very energetic. She loves to listen to music. She becomes fussy if she is in need of food or a diaper change. After her needs are met, she stops crying, and then she can stay quietly having fun by herself or go to sleep. Zi Zi is a very lovely little baby. She has fair skin, a pair of bright eyes and a pretty little mouth. She is pretty, lovely, bright and lively. She is energetic and happy every day. She enjoys being entertained. She loves to listen to music. Currently she is able to consume 110 milliliters of milk each time. She eats six times a day. After she has enough amount of food, she closes her mouth to tell that she does not need food any more. She is really pretty and quick-witted. Everyone loves her. We believe that she will become more and more lovely.
Zi Zi follows a good daily routine. She gets up at 7:00 am and goes to bed at 9:20 pm. Her mealtime is 7:15 am, 10:00 am, 1:20 pm, 4:30 pm, 8:00 pm and 11:30 pm. She is also provided with rice milk, vegetable juice and fruit sauce. Zi Zi eats well and plays happily in the daytime. She sleeps well at night. She takes two one-hour naps, in the morning and in the afternoon. Occasionally she gets a cold and she is recovered after taking some medicine.
She loves the toys that can produce sounds. Her favorite activity is to have her ‘mother’ hold her watching TV.
Guardian: Yao Yiguo
The Yifeng County Social Welfare Institute of Jiangxi Province
June 15, 2007

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 5th Referral ! ! !

Can't Sleep

I feel rested but I can't sleep. I don't know if I'm worried I'll oversleep the UPS stalking hour or if her face is keeping me awake. It's a fun kind of anticipation, though and when I say I can't stand it, I'm really eating it up. I guess I'll post a picture from yesterday. I received a call from our agency yesterday Morning, and by 11:40 AM Troy and I were at his office looking at her face! Just like I vividly remember details about the hours before Dodger came, I'll remember what I was doing, what music I was listening to, how I was excited FOREVER.

Monday, November 05, 2007

An Elephant Pregnancy

I don't know the exact length of an elephant's pregnancy, but our waiting for our baby girl is - believe it or not, 28 months from the time we turned in our first signed contract to Children's Hope International. We're on China's files as of 12/5/5 and as of today we are in the final stretch of the waiting game! We are eight weeks away from meeting our dear, cute, chubby cheeked, amazingly gorgeous daughter. We've only seen something similar to a mug shot, all b&w and fuzzy, but that was enough. We fell in love. The dark night of waiting this year has turned into hopeful waiting, due to God showing us His hand in the timing. It's so great when He gives us road signs along the way. One of those was the treatment I found for my tumor-like blood vessels in my head. Two surgeries down, and I'm a thankful, happy camper. The October surgery went amazingly well and I knew once that hurdle was crossed we'd be closer to our girl. If you ever want to read about a miracle worker, just google Dr. Milton Waner. This man was able to do what doctors in Nashville haven't had much of a clue about, and has greatly improved my life. I am so blessed to have found him and been able to be treated by him. There is story after story about God's faithfulness in my health issues but I'm not quite ready to type about it. I'm so ready to meet Lu Zi who was born March 14, 2007 and is waiting for us in the Jiangxi Province (southern China, east of Hunan). We are so full of joy that we are exhausted. So... I'm going to close this post and stalk the UPS man at 7:00 in the morning. At that time, our package will contain more pictures and history and stuff. Friends and family are so welcome to share this with us, celebrate and pray with us that she is well covered while we are apart. This just might be a long 8 weeks. Home stretch is feelin' good.