Saturday, December 29, 2007

Promised Pictures

I planned on getting a bunch more online, but with the sun down and need for sleep, I want to keep to my promise to post pics. Details coming. Promise. We're a little distracted with ear infections right now. At first I was beginning to think she was allergic to airplanes b/c the first flight to Guangzhou was the time we discovered little LuZi had a fever. And I stayed home from a festival that Troy told me he knew was too loud for me. :) I'm going to bed, but posting a few before midnight to keep my much more to tell. so much more. i feel like eating lunch. better go to sleep instead. xoxoamy


kirsten said...

i can't wait to see her! you look so happy...she's adorable and dodger, I'm sure, enjoys his new role. I'm glad you are all home safe and sound.

Beverly said...

She is so cute. Like the little cocked eyebrow.


The Beckley's said...

congrats on the new addition. she is beautiful. i know that everyone involved feels blessed.

rob beckley